Registration Fees and Game Nights

As a reminder the first WBSC Registration Date is this Sunday at the Real Canadian Super Store from 12-3pm. We are looking forward to seeing many new and returning faces!
It is with regret that we also have to announce that our club has had to adjust our registration costs for the 2018 season due to unforeseen expenses that was just recently brought to our attention. We are offering families a grace period by honouring a lower early bird price for the first three registrations: Feb 4, Feb 25 and March 11 2018. As of March 12, 2018 the new fees will take into effect.
Before March 12, 2018 Registration Fees:
U4/5: $130
U6-U10: $180
U11+: $200
Effective March 12, 2018 the fees increase to
U4/5: $180
U6-U10: $230
U11+: $250
For those that may be questioning why there is such a significant jump let me try to explain what a few of those unforeseen expenses include:
1. 2.5% increase in field rentals.
2. Player cards/books for Youth division age 9-11 are expected to increase between $5-$10.
3. New this year: 2 referees are required by HDSL to be present for youth teams U13-18, and the fee payment for Refs has increase by at least $10.00 a game.
4. Youth Travel Team (U9-18) fees submitted to HDSL have increased.
5. Coaches for our U9-18 leagues are now required to take mandatory coaching courses prior to the beginning of the season, which the club reimburses individuals upon completion. The cost per participant is $200.00.
Again the club apologizes, we were just not anticipating as many unexpected fee increases in our original budgeting plans prior to Christmas Holidays.

Games for the House league division will begin at 6:30pm, development travel game times are still being determined.  The following are the game nights for the upcoming season for our house league and development travel teams U9-U12.  Game nights for U13+ are still being determined.

Monday Nights:

  • House League: U4/U5
  • Development Travel: U9/U10 Boys

Tuesday Nights:

  • House League: U7
  • Development Travel: U11/U12 Boys

Wednesday Nights:

  • House League: U6
  • Development Travel: U11/U12 Girls

Thursday Nights:

  • House League: U8
  • Development Travel: U9/10 Girls