Welcome Wasaga Beach Soccer Coaches

Thanks to all our volunteer coaches. Without your help our club could not exist.
If you are interested in coaching for the 2016 season please fill out a coaching application at registration or e-mail us.

What is Required to Be a Coach

Are you an enthusiastic individual who has a genuine interest in working with young children to help them enjoy an athletic team experience while learning new skills at the same time? Well these are the only prerequisites needed for this fulfilling position.  The WBSC will provide you with information, support, materials and equipment to help you during the summer  soccer season.  All coaches must be over 16 years of age and will need to provide a copy of a valid police check to the WBSC.

As a WBSC volunteer coach, please understand the time and commitment that is required to participate as being a coach of a team. As a volunteer coach your duties may include but is not limited to:

  1. Attending a coaches meeting prior to the start of the season to receive team rosters, uniforms, soccer balls and a coaches bag. Once a coach has received their player list, calls to parents should be made within 48 hours informing them of their child’s team colour, name and pre-game meeting night.
  2. Throughout the season a coach must remain in continuous contact with players and parents to let them know about game schedules, times, locations and practice information.
  3. It is expected that Coaches wear the Volunteer Shirts or Jerseys provided by the WBSC to every game.
  4. Coaches must be committed to providing weekly practices in addition to the weekly games. It is expected that all coaches will arrive ahead of the scheduled times to set up for drills or have their players warmed up in preparation for the game.
  5. It is the responsibility of the coaches to notify players and parents if you are unable to attend a practice and or games. It is the responsibility of the coach to ask for a parent volunteer to step forward to fill in while you are away.
  6. Coaches should always be positive and demonstrate an enthusiastic approach to supporting the learning and development of each player on the field.
  7. If you would like assistance with learning new drills, or suggestions of games to encourage skill development please don’t be afraid to ask. Our Board members are more than happy to provide you with any support you might need.

If you are interested in volunteering as a House League Coach with the Wasaga Beach Soccer Club, please email Michael Mussche

All coaches must undergo a Criminal Reference Check. Please print this form and take it with you to the police station.

Reference Check Letter

Coaching Information

Coaches Clinics:

Each spring we run coaches clinics – drills and techniques. All youth coaches must have their Level 1 Coaching which is paid/run by the Wasaga Beach Soccer Club. See above link “coaching clinic and course calendar for further information about time/date/course location.

The Ontario Soccer Association
– Coaches Code of Conduct –

Commitment: A coaches commitment is to improve the performance of the players and the teams physically and mentally.

A player needs to participate in a high quality soccer program in a positive atmosphere. A coach needs to provide a high quality soccer program for players within a positive environment/atmosphere.

Know Your Subject: A coach must be thoroughly acquainted with FIFA Laws of the Game and they must keep attuned to the sound principles of Coaching.

Respect: Coaches must respect all individuals as unique human beings. Opponents and officials must be treated with respect. Players must be coached to win within the laws of the Game.

Enthusiasm: Coaches must be enthusiastic and positive. They must ensure that they are generous with praise when deserved.

Personal Conduct: A Coach must maintain the high standards of personal conduct and fair play. Coaches should never be involved in any circumstances which is offensive or suggests sexual connotations.