Cancellation of 2021 Season

The Board of Directors with the WBSC has spent a great deal of time waiting on news from our health units about lifting restrictions in our area, and we’ve deliberated in great length over the fate of our soccer program for the 2021 outdoor season. Although we would all love to be back out on the fields this spring/summer, the reality is that this is not possible with the on-going uncertainty of the current public health situation due to CoVid-19 especially given that the new variant is targeting the younger population and the fact we are currently under stay at home orders for the next month. It it also anticipated that we will not likely move out of the red or grey zones before the summer which means that games and scrimmages are prohibited while in these areas.

As well, we are unsure of when the vaccine will be availalbe for most of our volunteers, participants and other stakeholders. Maintaining a Fun, Fair and Safe environment for our players, their families, and for our volunteers will always be a priority for us. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we have to deliver the sad news that all of our outdoor micro/mini/youth soccer program has been cancelled for the 2021 season. We wish all our members a happy and safe year, and we hope to be back, better and stronger in 2022!