About Bond Hours


Each family registered in the Wasaga Beach Soccer Club is required to complete Bond Hours. If you have two or more children registered with the club, it is expected for you to complete 5 bond hours. You may split the bond hours between your children’s teams. Your coach will let you know what duties/positions are available.

All team’s must submit a completed bond hour form showing that all of the top positions have been filled before the second week in June. Then the forms are to be submitted again at the end of each month. So in total the bond hour form is to be submitted 4 times before the end of the season.

Bond Hours required based on age group are as follows:

Age 04 to 10 = 5 Bond Hours
Age 11 to 14 = 3 Bond Hours
Age 15 to 18 = 2 Bond Hours
Below are two different formats of the bond hour submission form, a pdf. file or an fillable excel file.

Bond HR Form PDF: WBSC Bond Hour Form

Bond HR Form XL: WBSC Bond Hour Form

The following document provides clear guidelines of the roles and responsibilities for each position listed on the bond form and also provides additional information about other ways work bond hours can be earned.

Click Here to learn more about:Bond HR Role Descriptions

Eligible Opportunities to Earn Bond Hours Requirements Amount of Bond Hours:
Coach Full season – must be present at each game Maximum bond hours earned
Assistant Coach Full season – must be present at each game Maximum bond hours earned
First Aid Full season – must be present at each game Maximum bond hours earned
Team Manager Full season – must be present at each game Maximum bond hours earned
Picnic Representative Assist with picnic – be in attendance all day Maximum bond hours earned
Bond Hour Representative Full Season – must submit all bond hour forms advising amount of bond hours each family has completed. Bond hour reports are to be submitted at the end of June, July and August to wbscbondrep@gmail.com Maximum bond hours are earned providing all reports are submitted on time.
Snacks: Bring snacks for the team can include but is not limited to: fruit/drinks/cereal bars 1 snack = 1 bond hour
Equipment/Nets Set up and Take down 1 bond hour per 1 hour worked (Applicable for U4-U6) 1 hour = 1 bond hour
Flags 1 bond hour per game 1 game = 1 bond hour
If anyone has questions about bond hours please email your inquiries to: wbscbondrep@gmail.com

Additional ways to fulfill your bond hours can include:

Help with Registration on one of our dates.
Set up nets and other equipment before the season begins.
Assist with the year end picnic,
Refill pop/chips
BBQ Chefs
Ticket sales
Fun Station Attendees

Why does our Club need a Bond Program?

Wasaga Beach Soccer Club is a volunteer based organization and we need your help to ensure our success as we can not do it alone! Through your volunteer hours we are able to ensure that we continue to offer a fun and exciting program for the youth of our community.

When does the Bond Hour Program start?

This volunteer program starts with the beginning of the current playing season. Bond opportunities are available from January 1, through to the third week of August, for the current season.

How much is the bond fee?

Each family will be required to provide a bond cheque for $100.00 post-dated to June 1, of the current year. This cheque is separate to the registration payment. Registration will not be counted as complete until the bond cheque has been received. Your child will not be permitted to play in a game until a bond cheque is provided to the club.

Does everyone have to participate in the Bond Program?

All families who have a child registered in the Wasaga Beach Soccer Club is required to participate in the Bond Hour Program.

What if I want to contribute to WBSC Soccer Club via a sponsorship?

Team sponsors do not have to provide a bond hour cheque, or participate in the Bond Hour Program. However, if you have a child registered in the WBSC please feel encouraged to be involved with your child’s team, by providing snacks for games or practices.

Will my $100.00 cheque be cashed if I do not participate?

The WBSC is run all by volunteers, our mission is to encourage parental involvement to help with the smooth operations of our club. This year we will be cashing cheques for every registered player who has not shown full completion of his/her bond hour requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program that have not been addressed here, please contact our Bond Hours Coordinator wbscbondrep@gmail.com